Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cute little heinies

Before I get to the boys' cute little hind-ends, I just have to show off how cute the front is ;-P Henry is just now sitting up pretty well...he roly polies plenty, but he can sit for several minutes & grab things by his toes before it happens!

Now for the rear. I've been working on various diaper covers & here are a few! I made this one from a recycled sweater from Goodwill & have a pantless version in the works still.
Here's Joey in his wildman diaper cover made from fleece from the remanants rack at Hancock's.
...and my new favorite fleece Henry models the camo longies I made. SO CUTE! I did make shoes to match, but I forgot to take pictures of him wearing them today & I'm NOT wakin' him up just to show off my sewing skills to the world tonight...ya'll can wait until my next post :O)

So flippin' cute...I just can't get enough of him! I'll post more later when I've finished a few more!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chocolate & Playtime

I was finally able to do some stamping tonight! Hurray! I worked on a swap card that probably should've been sent already, but Lucy's escapades in my stamproom had sent my creativity into hiding (and my embossing powder into the carpet!). I had to rethink what I knew I wanted to do with this set, but I'm pretty happy with the result:

I used just Pink Pirouette and Chocolate Chip for the colors (no matter what the picture may depict). I used the Bella Rose paper for the polka dotted piece & sponged like a madwoman with my Chocolate Chip. I love all the ideas I see layering punches, so I layered the large oval punch over the 1 3/8" circle and the scallop circle punch. I just love the Bella Blossoms set!

Now for the playtime part of the post. We spent a little over three hours today at a park in Benicia because I needed to break up our time together a bit after battling a stubborn three-year old all day yesterday. The kids played and played and played! They had so much fun & were busy for the whole time...Lucy, of course, "wasn't sleepy" for her nap after all that playing. Yeah, right!

Here she is, passed out on the couch while studying the back of the new movie that her daddy had brought home for her tonight. She slept like this for nearly an hour! Hilarious!

She is so cute when she's asleep, huh? Ha! She's cute all of the time...she just argues less in her sleep! :O)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The best waffles...EVER (quite possibly!)

What have we been up to since the last post? Camping trip, working on the homebirth book for my midwife, sewing, more stamping with that cute Upsy Daisy set, and this morning? Waffles!!

I LOVE this recipe! I got it from a Taste of Home mini recipe book that the grocery store was selling at the check-out a month or two ago. It had "kid" recipes, which I figure probably have universal appeal, so I bought it. This little book has *tons* of good things inside, but my favorite is WAFFLES. This morning as I made my millionth batch of waffles since buying the book, I figured I should share my recipe with everyone who likes waffles but doesn't care for the effort of *making* breakfast in the mornings! Here goes!

Cottage Cheese Waffles

1 cup cottage cheese, undrained
6 eggs
1/4 cup oil (I use olive, but vegetable oil would be fine too)
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 tsp. salt

In a blender, combine the cottage cheese, eggs, oil, and vanilla. Cover and process until well combined. Add flour and salt; process until smooth. Bake in your waffle iron...Voila!

Seriously...does it get any easier? I love that I can do the whole thing in my blender...not even a dirty bowl when I'm done and not a dirty spoon or even a scoop needed! This is my idea of waffle heaven, and then look at all the protein in these puppies!

Alright, I'll move on from my waffle post will have some stamping pictures! Maybe I'll get my film developed from camping (I misplaced my digital camera that weekend!) & can show you my grubby, happy cherubs! :O)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Some new stamping from this week

I have to admit that I love this new set! I love the Upsy Daisy set & I am extra excited because I got it *on sale*! Isn't that a woman's favorite thing to do? So here's something I did with it: I used Kiwi Kiss, Pacific Point, and Tempting Turquoise for my colors throughout. The woohoo colors on the daisy image was accomplished using my very refined finger eraser method. ;-P I inked the whole stamp with Kiwi Kiss & then used my finger to rub off the ink from the flowers.I used a sponge dauber to color the flowers with Tempting Turquoise & then went along the edges of them with Pacific Point. I did the same with the greeting. I used my cuttlebug Stylized Flowers background for embossing. A little glitter finished things off!
The one above was a birthday card for my future brother-in-law. I used all retired stamps on it using only black ink for the images. I brayered with my retired November spectrum pad onto the kraft cardstock. For extra oomph, I punched & threaded some natural hemp through.
Yeah, another Upsy Daisy card. Using Pink Pirouette, Baja Breeze, and Chocolate Chip. Simple & yet so cute!! Love this set!

...and another...This one I kept extra simple since it was a bit more of a serious occasion, but cute nonetheless, huh?
I *really* can't get enough, can I? Here's how to get this cute card:

You can see it took me some practice to get it just the way I liked it :O) I ended up going with the bottom left one after all my hair-brained ideas fizzled.
Here's how I masked each frame so that I could use the big daisy image without getting interference from the other daisies. My mask was cut from cardstock vellum & I actually cut inside the frame's line so that when I stamped, it wouldn't go over the line of the frame & left it looking neater. See?'s what you do with ribbon scraps when you're stamping & bothered by mundane details like hair!
I cut around the frame with my scissors & then stuck it onto some Basic Gray cardstock before using the Curly Label punch to punch the whole thing out. I then punched it again in the front of the card & actually mounted the punched image *through* the window so that it lines up when the card is closed and is inside for the recipient to have happy little something when they open the card.

Family stuff

Before I can catch anyone up with our family's trip to the city last weekend, I have to show off Lucy & Joey's newest bit of excitement: BUNKBEDS...or unkbeds as Lucy told me.

Joey had been getting out of his bed & hoisting a 36+ pound boy over the side of his crib at 3 in the morning (repeatedly) was just about killing me! Luckily my friend wanted to get rid of their bunkbeds now...he sleeps on the bottom & has gotten out a few times since Saturday night, but it's so much easier just to holler, "Go back to bed! ...NOW!" & have him take himself to his own bed. They're thrilled. They've definitely learned a few tricks of bunkbeds:
1. Never jump on the top bunk, you'll knock your noggin on the ceiling & wind up flattened on the bed!
2. Never jump (while standing) on the bottom bunk, you'll knock your noggin on the top bunk & wind up flattened on the bottom bed!
3. Don't fall over the edge of the top; hitting the floor isn't as much fun as it sounds. (Although Joey figured out how to do it twice before he finally realized that we hadn't installed the safety net feature. LOL!)
...and here are a few shots from the IBEW Local 6 picnic we went to at Sigmund Grove last weekend...

Joey & Lucy in the bounce house. Pretty typical. Joey's on the floor wondering how to really enjoy this while Lucy's going like the Energizer Bunny in the background!

Here's the "scary" clown that Lucy wouldn't even talk to!
The fairy princess lured her in, though, with promises of a crown.
All dolled up!
And then Joey was convinced to get a star painted on his serious!
He has no idea where he's going, but I think he'll get there fast!

Here's Lucy & her pit crew.
And this is how Henry got around during the day...poor guy got a sunburn from it, but he had a good time getting it!
...finally we were tired & had to go home...the trolley was no where to be found, so Gene pushed the stroller up the hill...guess what was at the top when we got there? Yeah, good timing Mr. Trolleydriver!