Thursday, July 12, 2007

2 Years Ago Today...WOW!

(WARNING: Shameless Lucy brag photos follow!)

I can't believe that Lucy turned two today! It's almost impossible to think that there was life before Lucy was with us, but it just doesn't seem like she's already been here for two whole years. Here are a few choice photos of my sweet little ham:

Here is the only kid in town who, apparently, wouldn't mind charcoal in her stocking. Lucy was trying to hide that she had found the charcoal & was smearing it on herself. I was laughing so hard that I just had to take a picture instead of scolding her or chasing her around in circles in the backyard! Hee hee! I think someday I may be able to properly embarass her...!

Here's my dress-up girl. She's so funny in her choices...a bunny rabbit hat, a shiny skirt, and Momma's shoes make for one gorgeous girl, huh?

Here she is today as an official two-year old! We went to McDonald's with Grace & Danny as a special treat for dinner. Grace & Lucy played for nearly two hours before we could convince them it was time to go home.

This is what happens when you want to mount your new stamps, but your child needs to be distracted...hand her some of your rubber scraps for homemade stickers! Everyone wins!

Here's another princess shot...this time she was using the already-assembled dress-up outfit, so she looks like a princess ought to in a Disney tale. Isn't she just about the cutest princess ever?

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Free Stamping Stuff Goes to...

Jenifer & Alex! My hostess appreciation/new catalog unveiling was a great success thanks to all who attended! Jen won the booking prize of a new package of In Color assorted cardstock (8 1/2 X 11) & Alex won the scavenger hunt and $25 gift certificate! Congratulations, girls! btw...Alex tied with Gretchen, Heidi, and Aileen, but my husband was my lovely assistant & drew Alex's name from a random drawing.

I wanted to make sure everyone saw the outcome & that it didn't get lost in the HUGE list of stamps for sale below! I swear that I sat and formatted (for a looooooooong time!) columns, but Blogspot doesn't like that kind of thing in their blogs, apparently! Sorry for the smooshed list!

Retired Stampin' Up Stamp Sets That NEED New Homes

Okay, I'll admit it! I'm a hoarder! I love every single stamp set that I've ever bought...why else would I buy them, right? But as a demo, I can only demo what's current, so I have to clean things up a bit to make room for what I can demonstrate in parties & classes. Can I just blush now about how long this list is? And I'll confess that I've got a TON of other retired sets that I'm just too emotionally attached to to sell right now...hee hee! I love stamping!!! ...and I'm not telling how many are still in my stash still :)

The following is the list of stamp sets that are searching for loving homes; I will post a separate blog post with wheels & any accessories that I can bear to part with :) Happy shopping! If you live close enough to pick them up, there's no shipping. If you'd like them mailed, I can priority them to you for $4.60 for the first set & we'll work it out if you'd like to adopt more than that. I do accept Paypal as well as cash, checks, and credit cards, so shop away! (One last note: some sets have a ? in the original price category because I couldn't remember which catty they were last in, so I used consistent pricing with the other sets.)

Email or post in the comment box to reserve your's first come, first served!

If you make it to the bottom to read this (wink! wink!) & would like a photo of anything, please drop me an email!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Love at first bite!

Or kiss? Lucy loves to kiss everyone, especially Joey, but Joey just wants to clamp down on her! He gets such a kick out of his sister in everything that she does near him.
Today the kids & I were in the backyard a lot again...the temperature today was finally normal & not sweltering. Hurray!!! Our poor yard that is showing in these photos looks like we live in a desert, but just focus on the cute kids & you won't even notice the brown, dead stuff under their tushies!
Here's a favorite activity for Miss Lucy...peek-a-boo, Joey! This form is fun for everyone since Lucy is busy using up some of her huge reserves of excess energy while entertaining Joey & anyone else who's within sight. She uses her Big Climber to peek through from the top, bottom, and middle holes and shouts, "Boo!" at Joey. He giggles & gets so excited that she just has to do it again...and again..and again.
Joey is soooooooo close to crawling. If he'd just get that other leg into position & push off a bit, he'd be *gone* in an instant! He's a pretty good sport about it, though. He's really mostly excited about cruising along the couches & tables...walking is really where it's at according to Joey!
And I just had to close with a picture of my little beauty queen up close & personal...I was lying down in the grass to take photos from a different perspective & she needed to copycat me on the ground. She's such my little helper in EVERYTHING that I do! :)