Friday, July 6, 2007

Love at first bite!

Or kiss? Lucy loves to kiss everyone, especially Joey, but Joey just wants to clamp down on her! He gets such a kick out of his sister in everything that she does near him.
Today the kids & I were in the backyard a lot again...the temperature today was finally normal & not sweltering. Hurray!!! Our poor yard that is showing in these photos looks like we live in a desert, but just focus on the cute kids & you won't even notice the brown, dead stuff under their tushies!
Here's a favorite activity for Miss Lucy...peek-a-boo, Joey! This form is fun for everyone since Lucy is busy using up some of her huge reserves of excess energy while entertaining Joey & anyone else who's within sight. She uses her Big Climber to peek through from the top, bottom, and middle holes and shouts, "Boo!" at Joey. He giggles & gets so excited that she just has to do it again...and again..and again.
Joey is soooooooo close to crawling. If he'd just get that other leg into position & push off a bit, he'd be *gone* in an instant! He's a pretty good sport about it, though. He's really mostly excited about cruising along the couches & tables...walking is really where it's at according to Joey!
And I just had to close with a picture of my little beauty queen up close & personal...I was lying down in the grass to take photos from a different perspective & she needed to copycat me on the ground. She's such my little helper in EVERYTHING that I do! :)