Monday, September 1, 2008

Family stuff

Before I can catch anyone up with our family's trip to the city last weekend, I have to show off Lucy & Joey's newest bit of excitement: BUNKBEDS...or unkbeds as Lucy told me.

Joey had been getting out of his bed & hoisting a 36+ pound boy over the side of his crib at 3 in the morning (repeatedly) was just about killing me! Luckily my friend wanted to get rid of their bunkbeds now...he sleeps on the bottom & has gotten out a few times since Saturday night, but it's so much easier just to holler, "Go back to bed! ...NOW!" & have him take himself to his own bed. They're thrilled. They've definitely learned a few tricks of bunkbeds:
1. Never jump on the top bunk, you'll knock your noggin on the ceiling & wind up flattened on the bed!
2. Never jump (while standing) on the bottom bunk, you'll knock your noggin on the top bunk & wind up flattened on the bottom bed!
3. Don't fall over the edge of the top; hitting the floor isn't as much fun as it sounds. (Although Joey figured out how to do it twice before he finally realized that we hadn't installed the safety net feature. LOL!)
...and here are a few shots from the IBEW Local 6 picnic we went to at Sigmund Grove last weekend...

Joey & Lucy in the bounce house. Pretty typical. Joey's on the floor wondering how to really enjoy this while Lucy's going like the Energizer Bunny in the background!

Here's the "scary" clown that Lucy wouldn't even talk to!
The fairy princess lured her in, though, with promises of a crown.
All dolled up!
And then Joey was convinced to get a star painted on his serious!
He has no idea where he's going, but I think he'll get there fast!

Here's Lucy & her pit crew.
And this is how Henry got around during the day...poor guy got a sunburn from it, but he had a good time getting it!
...finally we were tired & had to go home...the trolley was no where to be found, so Gene pushed the stroller up the hill...guess what was at the top when we got there? Yeah, good timing Mr. Trolleydriver!