Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Officially a "Cooper"

I think that I'm officially a Cooper at this point...I keep staying up so late to do things that there's no other reasonable explanation! Last night I stayed up until almost 4am painting primer on Gene's bathroom walls. Why? Well who can do things like that with two darling assistants as Joey & Lucy during the day?

We've had such supremely nice weather that I had to show a sandbox shot of Miss Lucy along with her sidekick, Hannah. On to stamping matters! :)

Here are photos of the project that I worked on last night (before the painting fit overtook me!) as well as tonight. I want to do a class with chipboard letters/numbers in April or May, so I thought I'd copy some ideas that I'd seen elsewhere. I have officially 36 different ideas with the set of Stampin' Up On Board Simon Lower set...whew! Take a peek & then stay tuned to my website to find out when it's scheduled!

btw...I fixed the problem so now you can all comment away to your hearts content!

Coming soon is an altered clipboard that I started tonight...I told Gene that in the coming days he's going to have to be pictured with our little darlings so that I can attach their photos & finish my project!
I feel so productive lately! I think seriously this blogging thing is a good incentive to make me keep moving so that I can share ideas :) ...and the fact that some of you mention that you've been here makes me want to keep posting more, too! Enjoy!
Gotta go...Lucy's not a happy girl in bed!


Stampin Mindy said...

Your Alphabet came out cute, I really want to stamp and frame my kids' names. Your children are adorable by the way. Have a great weekend!