Monday, March 12, 2007

One pokey updater here!

...but it was SUCH a nice day yesterday, I just couldn't help but be outside all day long! See! I even mowed the lawn with my NEW garage sale find mower :) I told my husband that even Gene "the toolman" Cooper couldn't possibly need to dismantle this kind of mower. For those of you who don't know, we *have* a mower that's been dead for awhile ;) So for $5 I was happily mowing again for the first time in a looooooong while! See my assistant Lucy running around the yard with me? It's a good thing that the photo didn't show Joey too well since he's wearing one of Lucy's pink hats, too! I just haven't thought much about sunhats for Joey, so now I need to do that since the weather has decided to be summery!

I had to share this page that I did a couple weeks ago at a party...I was showing how to use chipboard for the title and accent pieces. I was so excited looking at this last night that I did another whole package of our chipboard letters & numbers (I still have to finish numbers 5-0) in lots of different techniques. I'm hoping to do a class with them in another month or so :)

A tale of an almost dead Sticky Strip!
The Sticky Strip on the left is new & the one on the right has helped me make my altered file folder...that one's almost done in after this project!

Here's the inside with photos. I put a photo on each of the flaps on the right & I used Heidi's "garbage" that she gave me the other night...she had purchased frames with matting that she didn't want, so I covered with our designer series paper & Sticky Stripped the whole thing in!

Oh! And here's the clever part...I used a large vellum envelope to contain any extra photos from Joey's baptism that didn't fit nicely on the flaps!

Here's the front of Joey's baptism album/folder! I'm going to have to go to Michael's to buy some matte finish Mod Podge to go over the top section with the photos since I really want to protect them from fingers & wear and tear, but I didn't want to use the shiny finish or the glitter finish that I already have. Honestly glitter could be nice, BUT he's a boy, so I decided to make it a little plainer ;) Hee hee!

An Easter Wish!
Beckie was kind enough to let us make a couple of fancy glittery eggs the other night at our stamp club meeting, so I thought I'd share one of my designs! It was so fun after putting it together to paint the whole thing with glue & then coat it in my favorite accessory...GLITTER! I know, Beckie, you would advise a little more of a delicate hand with the glitter, but I just can't help myself!