Friday, May 25, 2007

Bodacious Bodega Babies

Gene played hookie on Wednesday for the first time in two years! We took advantage of having him around & headed to the beach as a family! I hadn't been to Bodega Bay in almost 3 years & it had been even longer for Gene, so off we went...

Lucy, always the water baby, LOVED every moment of the trip! We actually set up our stuff at the mouth of Salmon Creek, so she could run into and out of the water at will as well as get sandy as she wished. It was a great spot since we didn't have any waves to speak of nor did we have the frigid water from the ocean. In fact, the water was so shallow where we were that the water was warm!

Lucy loved having her daddy to play with her all day long...they played hide and seek around the rocks!

Here's the Joey cabana that I set up to keep the poor little guy from being cooked by the noontime rays. It's amazing what you can do with beach chairs & towels!
...and it was big enough for Lucy to sneak in for a bit of a break, too!
King of the rock & his princess!

I loved watching the two of them in the water & on the beach all day...hopefully we'll be able to repeat this kind of trip a couple of times this summer! Even if we don't travel all the way to Bodega Bay, there are bunches of beaches to see!