Monday, May 7, 2007

Weekend fun for everyone!

Gene took Saturday night off of delivery (& switched to Sunday this weekend) to take all of us to the Oakland Zoo for the day. We had a BLAST! Lucy was in her element watching monkeys, chasing goats, and cawing at birds all day! Above you can see Gene & Lucy at the monkey exhibit.

Down below is Gene with Joey trying to catch up to Lucy (& me!) as she ran across the enclosure to get the goat who was trying to eat in peace.
...until Lucy got to him, that is! Doesn't it look like they're having a conversation about the whole thing?
In the children's section, there are these cute lilypads that are really just an excuse to fall into the water, I think. Lucy LOVED them, of course! She made Daddy go over them three times with her! ...and she only had one foot that found its way into the water!
Riding on Gene's shoulders was Lucy's favorite place if she wasn't running pel mel to the next exhibit to show us the cool animals!
The giraffes were her favorite exhibit, I think, by far because they had the strange African birds with them along with a few other animals. Lucy really didn't want to leave the fence to go on, so she was super happy when we had to double-back & stop by the giraffes again!

Here's the proof that I was there...this isn't a great shot, but it's the only one with me & the kids, so I'll be happy with what I get! :)
Not only did Gene take us through the zoo, but he also paid for us to go on the train ride! I haven't done that in years since we went to the Cleveland zoo while on our honeymoon! Lucy & Joey LOVED the choo-choo ride & the lion statue afterward!
Then, off we went to Jack London Square where Lucy proceeded to throw a fit in the middle of Barnes & Noble's because we wouldn't read every last book that they had in the children's department...geez! What were *we* thinking? Hee hee! So out to the fountain we went to lighten her mood. Lucy is a water baby, so this was great...until we needed to leave the water behind!
...and last, but not least, we stopped for dinner in Chinatown at our favorite restaurant! Below is a picture of Joey playing with his chopstick & having a ball! He almost looks like he's already eaten everything on the menu & he's ready for the next course...gotta love those chubby rolls!