Monday, July 28, 2008

...and God bless Santa...

That was Lucy's prayer tonight when Gene was putting her to bed. No, she didn't stop at that! She then went on to say, "God bless Santa so he can bring me presents. And more presents." No wonder Gene was laughing as he left her tonight!

...and the following photos are what happen when underwear go awry!
Here's a movie star version of the underwear-on-the-head boy! I think he looks like an old washer woman without his glasses.
It's an underwear party!
Here's our stamping samples for today! My friend Beckie sent this card to Lucy & boy was she excited! I thought I'd snap a shot of it before she loved it too hard & it stopped resembling the card that came from the envelope. Isn't it cute? I love this layout! It was an SCS layout challenge a couple of weeks ago & I have loved seeing all the variations of this card.
And this card was one I did at our little stamp club gathering last week. It uses the black magic easy & wow! It's super shiny & glam in person, but in this photo, you'll just have to trust me. I stamped the image in white craft ink & heat set it (I didn't have time to let it air dry). Color with colored pencils (I used metallics) in a quick & imprecise manner...don't worry about coloring to the edges. Then just outline it in white gel pen! Easy peasy! My favorite part? Color quickly & without filling the whole image. :O)
And this last round of pictures is to show off my latest craze! I went to Goodwill & picked up a bunch of wool sweaters to shrink down/felt and then make them into diaper covers for Henry & Joey who have a serious need of something to cover their bums.

I also had a wool shawl from a fellow freecycler. I shrank it down & made it into this:
I used the leftovers to make a waistband for a cool cover for Joey:
I just love those stripes and the use of the turtleneck collar for his leg he is showing it off for the camera!
And here he is in one of his nifty fleece covers that I've been making: