Friday, July 11, 2008

Catch-up on the kids

I finally got a new USB cable so that my camera can talk to my computer...hopefully I'll be able to get some serious blog updating done now!

Here's Henry at 3 1/2 months old...he's still the easiest and happiest of all three kids at this stage of the game! He's always so smiley! He loves to be held or even just sit & watch everything going on around him. He's just starting to want to touch things on purpose, so pretty soon we'll have to start watching what he's sitting near, but for now he has nearly no aim and is pretty laid-back about what he touches or doesn't touch.

You can see Lucy is quite the woman...she loves to talk on the phone to whomever might be calling. Here she is talking to my mom in Michigan. She's quite serious about the phone! She takes the phone & paces around the house while talking; sometimes she takes the phone out in the backyard while she's chatting away. Quite the multi-tasking woman already... You can see she can care for a baby (or a kitty cat in this case!) while on the phone. :P
He looks like he's trying to be tough, but Joey's really trying to smile while concentrating on keeping my shoes on his feet! This is Joey playing dress-sup with Lucy. Sometimes he does get out the Indian princess dress that Lucy wore for Halloweeen or some of her other snazzy dress-up clothes, but the day I took this, he just dressed up his feet. Poor guy! He needs some *boy* dress-up clothes & shoes! He is so funny (and so unsuccessful!) when he tries to wear Lucy's little plastic girly play high-heels all in pink & purple...

Has anyone wondered how high you could throw an almost-three-year old? You can stop wondering! Here's Gene throwing Lucy into the air in our backyard. He asked me to come take some pictures of this so that he could send some photos to his grandmother in Washington. He never had believed me when I guessed he was throwing her easily 10 feet into the air until he saw the photographic he *really* knows! Look at how happily she soars up, up, up into the stratosphere! Remember as you look that Gene's about 6'6", so when you look at the picture, compare the height of his head with hers! WOWZA! ...and this is one of her favorite things to do!

Notice the difference between Joey & Lucy? This is as high as Joey goes...and please note that he holds on to Dad's sleeve so that Dad can't be sneaky and throw him any higher...he knows this is already pretty high! I just loved having these photos that showed so accurately some key differences between Joey & Lucy...she is SO daring and fearless! Joey's a bit more aware that gravity could get you at any moment. :P