Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mount Your Stamps to Limit Shadows

One advantage of having stamps you get to mount is that you can cut them however you choose! I love to cut pretty closely so that I get the least amount of shadow possible when stamping later.

When I got my new Totally Tabs stamp set (Yeah!!!!), I noticed that there was A LOT of open space on some of the stamps, so I cut the big spots as closely as I could and ended up with this:

Pretty good? Well, it still bothered me that the top stamp in the picture had a pretty large open space with rubber that *shouldn't* get inked but probably would be inky when I used it. What to do? With a small snip, snip...
I cut both ends of the narrow piece & peeeeeeeeled it right off the block so that it couldn't bother me any more!
Ta da!!
You can see that I then went on to do this same step to two of the other stamps in the set (see below).
Have you been wondering to yourself, "Self, why didn't she just cut those pieces off before she mounted the stamps?" Well, if I had cut out those pieces of rubber first, it would have been MUCH tougher to get the stamp on the wood properly...those rounded ends are supposed to line up perfectly with my round tab punch, so could just put them on the block *anywhere* - they had to be in the right spot with the right spacing.

This is just a quick & tricky way to get your stamps mounted with the minimal effort. Hopefully this will help someone out! If your stamps are already mounted & you wished you had done this, you can unmount them if needed by microwaving them for about 10 seconds, remove the rubber, do what you need to do & remount them. They'll be sticky enough still, and if your block is still sticky where there no longer is rubber to cover it, you can use some Goo Gone or (if you're lazy like me!) just dust on some cornstarch or baby powder to stick to the sticky stuff. :O)